Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Airstream Projects Day & Night

There's a lot of photos here -- we are working on the trailer nearly every day since we are moving out this weekend! Last night J was out in the trailer until 11pm getting our electrical all set up. We also had our first summer thunderstorm at the same time and when J hadn't come back in the house for a few hours it occurred to me to go out and check on him (you know, metal trailer, live wires, thunderstorm...hmmm - the thought occurred to me that this is how the darwin awards are won...) but he was fine :) Blue's looking like home these days and we're itching to just take our mattress out there and move in! Enjoy the photos:

We have water! This is a hand pump from West Marine that just sucks up water from a bucket or container under the sink and drains through another hose that goes out through the floor of the trailer. Pretty simple. I'm still hoping to just set up a dish station outside for the summer though.

Peeling off the tape to reveal beautiful straight edges of my maps.

Loving it :)

Just another day of trailer work in paradise! We're easily distracted by whales and get lulled into west side drives with roomie Andrew to go watch them.

Sometimes our days extend into the night...fortunately J's drill has a handy dandy light that comes on when you use it. Here he is finishing up our rolling under-the-bed drawers around 10pm.

We took a trip up to our new property to scope out our trailer spot. It was majorly overgrown up there and our landlords said to have at it and cut whatever we needed to. So Andrew and I cut down trees and limbed overgrown branches to clear a spot for Blue Moon.


J gets out the pruners under supervision from Agnes and Nick.

We left 3-year old Nick to hook up our water (landlord's son). As long as he doesn't get it mixed up with the gas can, we should be fine.

Relaxing with key lime pie from the bakery after a lot of hard work. Well, Maggie did not get pie.

Putting in the drawers; after an extensive (and expensive) search for casters, our drawers now wheel nicely out from under the bed.

Drawer faces look pretty awesome!

"Can we please build the sofa now?"

"Not yet honey, I have to install the toilet" :)

Our dear friends Joe and Noelle came up for the weekend and lounged on our porch and entertained our dogs. Noelle also put in the rivets for our composting toilet vent. Don't worry Noelle, those scratches on the trailer were there before you started :)

We also learned that you can easily fit 4 people on our sofa - yay! (once it is built...)

Our trailer came with nearly all of the original screen frames, but the screens themselves were disintegrating. After a visit to our new property, where I got bit by some no-see-um bugs, I moved replacing screens to the top of our priority list!

Old screen and new screen! I was amazed to find out how simple it is to install screens. No power tools required. Blue is all screened in now so we can enjoy the summer island breeze, bug-free. Hopefully next time I write there will be photos of Blue being hauled up the mountain to our new home!


  1. Wow, Rich and I just read this together, so exciting. It looks amazing. I can't wait to call and talk soon. Hope you are enjoying your new spot on the mountain. :)

  2. Thanks! We aren't up there yet, but we should be this weekend. It is great to see the trailer nearly done, we are so excited. Someone just posted a cute little Airstream for sale on the island today...