Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally a Floor

We have been on our marine-grade plywood floor for about 5 months now, and it is...dirty. While the pooches don't seem to mind, the humans decided they'd had it, so we went to the store and picked out some real flooring. We've been looking at all kinds of flooring types and in a perfect, un-dirty, canine-free world, we probably would have gotten cork or bamboo, but with our temperature-fluctuating, sometimes damp, always canine-friendly Airstream, we opted for a vinyl laminate floating floor that looks like wood. We are in and out constantly and didn't want to have to worry about moisture --this floor is waterproof.
We did a highly technical drawing with measurements to figure out how much flooring we needed to order. Good news -- we ordered the perfect amount!

There's the floor planks ready for installation

We turned our trailer into a construction zone for the weekend...again.

J cut and laid the planks down. After bringing a bunch of samples home to try out, we opted for the weathered-wood look; bright enough to keep things light in our trailer, but textured enough to conceal dirt.

Pups surveying their new digs! Agnes had the best day of her life because she got to spend the whole day outside while the floor was being installed, and Maggie had the worst day of her life because she had to spend the whole day outside while the floor was being installed :)

Maggie would like you all to know that her bed(s) were rudely relocated during this project and when she finally was let back in her trailer, she was forced to lay in a small corner with Agnes mashed up against her. Woof!

We didn't install flooring under the bed. Instead, J put fancy threshold there so our clothes drawers easily roll up over it.

Installing the LAST piece!

When it's winter in the pacific nw and you live in an Airstream and you want to work on your Airstream, this is what your life looks like. Got to get those trim pieces dry = let's go out for breakfast. We started our weekend like this, and thanks to all of J's hard work and Morgan's cooking, we ended the weekend like this:

We're all settled back in now with our nice new floor (so clean!) which I am really enjoying swiffering. I wonder if that enjoyment will wear off...

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