Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tiny House Friends

We recently took a trip over to Bainbridge Island to go check on our friends, Meghan and Christian (in green/blue below). They have been pretty busy this winter building their own Tiny House on wheels! It was pretty exciting to see their house nearing completion. The trip turned into a bit of an island reunion and SJI-ers came all the way from Oregon to meet up there for the weekend, including Andrew! Andrew (with pups below) also just started in on his own Tiny House, and I am beginning to think a)we must be a bad influence on our friends, b)we're all crazy, and/or c)soon we'll all be living on a large piece of property parked side by side - yay! :)

How many people (and dogs) can you fit in a tiny house?

I'm so inspired by our friends intentionally embarking on these challenging projects --we all have our own reasons for having done so-- but what a neat thing to create one's own home. These folks are digitally chronicling their experiences as well and if you're bored at work I recommend checking out their blogs: Meghan and Christian: Does this come in small and Andrew: La CabaƱita Chiquita.

In other news, we made these groovy rounded corner shelves to go on the far side of the bed. The coolest thing about them is that they are removeable! The whole unit can be un-clasped and lifted off to provide more room to work down there (all of our wiring/converter etc is housed underneath this one), but at the same time sort of covers up all that stuff when we don't want to look at it.

We also removed the (brokenFallingApartBecauseI'veHadItSinceDormDays) floor lamp that used to be in that corner and replaced it with a nice wall-mounted sconce that is original 1963 from our Airstream! I know, it's amazing, we managed to not break it all this time in storage and we finally installed it.


Oh yeah, we got a new duvet cover, and much to J's dismay, more fluffy pillows! Wohoo! And believe me, I'm not trying to trick you by taking the Before photo at night and the After photo during the day -- it really feels so much brighter back there with the light-colors and the new bright light.

Rocky the bear still rules the bed

Also, if this post wasn't exciting enough for you, here's J in his new gnome sweater :)
Now if that doesn't just make your day, I don't know what will!

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