Sunday, January 10, 2016

Airstream Medicine Cabinet

We're not living in Blue Moon this winter - a friend had an extra bedroom for rent so we opted for a little bit more space and indoor showers for some time! But, it was a beautiful January weekend, and we couldn't help but head up to the Airstream to work on projects, as we will be moving back to full-time Airstream-ing in a few months. When I initially designed our Airstream remodel, I was adamant about NO upper cabinets - nothing to block the light in such a small space. The original floor-to-ceiling 1960s dark paneling we ripped out of Blue Moon sort of sent me running in the other direction. I knew that meant we would be sacrificing a lot of potential storage that could be up on the walls. So, after a few years of having this mirror leaning up against the wall with toothbrushes and wine glasses stashed behind it, I finally caved and drew up a little design for a medicine cabinet to be mounted to the curved wall, and put it on J's honey-do list.
Above is the setup we've had for awhile now, with a mirror just leaning against the wall.

My design - to include hanging wine glass storage of course!

Essential to all Airstream construction is templating for those pesky curved walls; bring in the cardboard.

J built the cabinet out of pine. He's chiseling out a pocket to inset the door hinges.

The most important part: making sure the wine glasses will fit! We got some inexpensive hanging wine glass wood-moldings and cut them to fit under the cabinet.

Up it goes - riveted to the wall with brackets

Pretty nice! We're gaining countertop space as well as another cabinet!

The mirror features aspen trees painted and carved onto the frame -- it was handmade by a friend in Colorado

Projects like these on a sunny January day make us excited to move back to Blue Moon :-)

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