Thursday, August 25, 2016

...The End...sort of.

I suppose I've been avoiding writing this post for awhile now, perhaps for fear of disappointing all of you lovely readers or aspiring Airstream-ers. But in any case, I feel obligated to provide the update that we are no longer living in our Airstream! For us, this is a happy occasion because after three years in Blue Moon, we were finally able to purchase a home. We knew that Airstream-living wouldn't be forever, but it feels funny to close that chapter on our lives. It has been strange moving into someplace so conventional after over a decade of renting, traveling, changing jobs, Airstream-ing etc. Trying to fill a much larger space without owning enough stuff to do so, literally. I don't like the term "settling down," but we are definitely nesting, which is fun. Our new house is really a dream come true!

What has been the fate of our beloved Blue Moon you ask? Well, this summer she was home to another couple who rented her while they worked seasonal jobs here on the island. Neither of us are ready to part with our Airstream, so she'll probably come back to us this fall and you may find us sitting out there some morning with the little fireplace on, lounging on our homemade couch and drinking our tea. Just for old times sake. There's a part of me that wishes we could just go on forever living in our Airstream. But a bigger part of me loves having our new space, room for family and friends to visit, and our own big yard to garden and play with the dogs in (we got another dog!)

Clearly Blue Moon's journey isn't over, so while this blog may see less updates, she'll still be around :-) and we'll probably still be tinkering with her! We have gotten so many emails and messages over the years from readers with questions about Airstream renovations, and I am still so inspired by others aiming to live out their tiny living dreams - do it!! It's worth it!!!
Signing off,
H & J, and Agnes

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