Thursday, September 13, 2012

Demolition Begins!

Jacob is gone on a trip - I hope he likes what I did with the place while he's gone :) That big metal cylinder is a hefty water tank that will go bye-bye as soon as Jacob returns and can provide the additional muscle to move it! (Jacob has the camera on his kayak trip, so these are taken with the computer webcam = low quality). It was really fun to take all that cabinetry out - we are going to be able to save and reuse all of the drawers and some of the wood. Much of it is covered in a plastic-y shiny veneer that just peeled right off. Lots more demolition to do, and we are going to have to find a home for that one-of-a-kind curved bathtub in the back! Anybody want it? :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, don't give it away!! Take a tip from Arkansas Country Decor and turn that tub into a planter and install it near the entrance to the Airstream in your yard. Next, mount the shower component so it stands by the tub o' flowers and make it so you can hook up a hose to it to shower the flowers with love (and peace baby!)