Saturday, October 13, 2012

Down and Dirty in the Airstream

We got busy on the Airstream again today after a two-week hiatus. We have been on our Puget Sound Paddle Party kayaking trip and then hanging out with my mom and Pete, who arrived from Canada to spend a beautiful autumn week with us. We saw a superpod of whales go up the west side of the island, paddled out of Roche at sunset, and did lots of fun island things. Then we all headed over to Camano Island for my cousin Laura's wedding. Yesterday I got to go in a rennovated bus that a friend-of-a-friend told me about. Guisepi has been living out of Edna for 4 years and the bus has some very cool features that gave me lots of ideas! He installed the Little Cod wood stove from Navigator Stove Works over on Orcas Island, and I was psyched to hear his very positive feedback on it. His roof has a 200 watt solar panel on it, which powers a neat Engel fridge, all his lights, and more. He travels around in his bus and gives out free tea! Very inspiring :) was actually the first time since we bought Blue Moon that J and I have had a chance to work on the airstream together. We started by going to our local thrift/salvage yard to gain inspiration! We found lots of usable parts that will be great - we resisted buying anything until we are actually ready. We got to work, and J removed our curvy bathtub! That and the toilet/black water tank were a bit of a bear to extract. After today's adventures, all that really remains are the fridge and an old electric heater. Jacob plugged in the heater just for grins today - it made lots of noise, threw a spark, then blew the breaker. I think it's toast. Tomorrow we begin stripping all the nasty paint on the inside of Blue!
Jacob in the tub!

Tub is now posted for FREE to pick up and take away!
Maggie demonstrates the size of the galvanized steel water tank that took the both of us to lift out of Blue.
We are very lucky to have a small shed on our property that we have been putting all of the wood pieces and cabinetry in that we would like to try and re-use in Blue. The shed keeps everything nice and dry! This shed is so cute and so well built that sometimes I just want to live in it :)

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