Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Great Purge, & Other Things

Moving into roughly 180 square feet requires purging one's life quite a bit. Good Purging takes time, so we decided to start now. If you allow yourself enough time to purge, you can make money off of things you no longer want - in the last month we've sold many random pieces of furniture we had acquired (all second-hand), and taken a lot of clothes to consignment and thrift stores. It feels good. J and I have lived in 8 rental houses together over the past 9 years (don't worry, we're totally stable, reliable people!). Over that time we have acquired and purged 8 couches, 4 dining room tables/chairs, 2 sets of dishes, and countless other "things." The house we rent now is furnished, so there isn't a huge need for us to own our own stuff. And that's all it is - stuff. We are down to pretty much our mattress, in terms of furniture, and that will go in the airstream when we are ready to move in. Moving into the airstream is our affordable version of putting down roots. We'll own the roof over our heads for the first time in our lives, and we'll have built and customized everything inside. We don't want to rent a storage unit or have other things stored somewhere that we don't use, so we are downsizing our life everyday to just the things that we really use, or that mean the most to us. If it hasn't been used or worn in a year, it definitely has to go!

 Let the purging continue...

We are nearing the end of the paint-stripping saga (finally)! And it is looking great... so we'll save the photos for the surprise ending :) Lots of folks have asked us why we are bothering to strip the paint since it is such a pain. It is hard to explain unless you have been inside Blue. When we walked inside with just the white paint, it felt like any old RV. We wanted to feel like we were in an airstream and to expose the shiny aluminum on the inside that makes it so iconic on the outside! We hope that light and colors will reflect in fun ways in the metal throughout the interior. 

We have been trying to seal up the airstream so that it will be weather-tight before we put in our new floor and everything else. J replaced this crapper job (above) that someone did. He cut out another piece of aluminum from the old fridge and riveted it in place! It looks so much nicer :) 

While each coat of citristrip is setting up (6-8 hours), we like to dream and plan! We've gone through a lot of floorplan ideas for Blue in the last few months, tape measure in hand. Currently we are designing the kitchen and bar area. Our "big" house is decorated for the holiday and feels warm and cozy inside. Hope you and yours are enjoying the season :)

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