Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Airstreams of Austin, Texas

Walking up to a trailer-turned-restaurant that has "Hey, you gonna eat or what?" painted in bright red letters on it and ordering cheap, delicious eats is becoming more and more common in cities everywhere. The food truck revolution is sweeping the nation...except on our island. We kind of live in our own little bubble out here, so J and I were pretty excited when we went to see the big city lights of Austin, TX for a friend's wedding. Not only were there food trucks, there were lots of Airstream food trucks! But Austin is taking things one step further. You can now get your usual cupcake, BBQ, crepes, or chicken sandwich from a shiny silver trailer, AND you can: adopt a puppy (they had ringworm), buy used cowboy boots for $50, buy expensive (like $750 expensive) hipster shoes, and buy local jewelry and vintage home goods---all from the convenience of a parked vintage Airstream :)

We had a lot of fun...

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