Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 Weeks to Go!

J installs our propane line. All I heard was "grunt, ugh, sigh, grunt..."

It was a dirty job.

Maggie approves!

The new flaring tool (thanks Nick Beatty for the instructions!) and installing the copper pipe propane line.

It comes up through the floor to the back of the cookstove.

The dogs always offer an unending amount of helpfulness.

We are still pretty smitten with the roll-out pantry, with its cute handle and new face that I sanded down and finished!

Aww... Airstream family :)

Meanwhile, on the OTHER side of the Airstream... we've installed the second drawer unit. This is another complete drawer unit that we were able to salvage when we gutted the trailer. I sanded and finished them like the others. That is our Nature's Head composting toilet! Pretty cool thing - I'm sure you'll get a complete blog post on it once we've given it a thorough ---um - testing!

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend - we're headed to Vancouver Island to see if they'll accept us as Canadians (hehe). No really we're just going camping -- so even though you can tell we have a crap-ton of work to do, we're off Airstream duty this weekend - Eh!


  1. You guys are rocketing along! Great to see the progress, I remain at a snails pace, wish I had a helpful other but I'll soldier on.....

  2. Thanks! Good luck with the polishing! Can't wait to see how it goes. We'd love to polish Blue Moon someday - sounds like a ton of work though!

  3. Looks good! Do you have an update on the compost toilet? I've been thinking about installing or fabricating one.

    1. Hi Lauren! Funny you should ask, we just posted our composting toilet for sale. We used the Nature's Head for about a month, but the property we ended up parking on this year has a bathroom and shower we can use so we just decided to use that and not have to deal with the toilet in the Airstream (saves a lot of space!) Aside from the pricetag, the Nature's Head did work ok. It took a little bit of getting used to and you definitely have to give "instructions" to any guests before they use it. Unfortunately the 12v van was not quiet enough for me while I slept, so I found myself regularly unplugging it each night, which may have contributed to the faint odor I smelled every now and then. Perhaps if your bathroom was nicely walled-in you wouldn't even hear the fan or notice any odor. One thing I did find kind of gross was when the fan was going, it vents directly outside and if you walked by that vent outdoors, you could definitely smell it! So lesson learned...think carefully about where you put the vent I guess...From the research we've done, there really is no perfect RV toilet out there, but I can say that I'm SO glad we don't have a black-water tank to deal with - the composting toilet was really easy to empty. I clicked on your name and found your blog! Good luck with your Airstream project -- can't wait to see how it goes :)