Friday, May 10, 2013

Drawers, Shelves, and a Roll-Out Pantry

The galley is really taking shape! Thanks to two amazingly sunny weeks out here in the San Juans, we've been motivated to crank out some work on Blue Moon. J took yesterday "off" from his real job and worked on the trailer. Wait until you see his creations! While he's been building our shelves and framing out the kitchen, roomie Andrew and I tackled the old drawers to make them look new again. 

Andrew scraped off the 60's veneer from the drawers and then sanded them down.

I gave the drawer faces a quick coat of polyurethane and re-installed the hardware.

They turned out quite nice!

The Magoo supervising EVERYTHING! She is a very good site manager.

J starts building shelves

This is our new Norcold fridge (new to us) that we got for free from some boaters. I wasn't too fond of the mahogany panel on the front of it. About 10 months ago when we first got our trailer I fell in love with the original steel panel on the propane fridge (also a Norcold) that was in Blue when we got her. We painstakingly removed it before tossing the old fridge, not really knowing how we could reincorporate it into our new design...

Amazingly, with a little bit of trimming, it fit right onto the new fridge! And it certainly has more character now :) In 50 years, Norcold hasn't changed the width of their fridge by more than 1/4". The new fridge is electric and can run on AC or DC power. It has a little compressor in back.

Fridge Love :)

Pantry beginnings...

I told J we should have a roll-out pantry and gave him some pictures of other ones I had seen. I came home from work and there it was! Recognize those side pieces? Yep, that's the mahogany panel from the fridge - cut up and re-purposed as edging for the pantry.

 Awesome bedside shelves with cute rounded corners!

Pantry in place and on wheels!

The galley is looking awesome! I love our Airstream's mix of old and new, recycled and restored. To make this kitchen, we bought one sheet of plywood and the countertop brand new. Everything else was second-hand and salvaged. 

Move-in date is June 29th...we're on our way...

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