Sunday, July 21, 2013

Island Summer in an Airstream

The height of the summer season has kept me outdoors, and rightfully so - with over a month of sunny perfect days in a row! J's gone guiding two back-to-back 6-day trips here in the islands, so it's been just me and the girls in Blue Moon for awhile :) But we've been livin' it up! Solar showers everyday (thank you Sun), and tired, happy dogs.

We've been at the beach nearly everyday, and had many awesome evening gatherings with friends. This is the time of year when we exhaust ourselves having too much fun! For the folks who work out here seasonally, like J, you are even more tired from all the work on top of all the play. So not much to report on the trailer living lifestyle this time, except that we've been outside! And when it's all over each day we crawl into our little silver home and crash, just to do it all again the next day :)

Friends at the beach, waiting for Friday Harbor's fireworks to be over so we can watch the real show across the water - Lopez Island Fireworks!

Beach bonfire and BBQ

Our friends take to the log rolling contest at Roche Harbor on the 4th of July

J and Andrew doing their Naturalist thing even on their day off = whales!

Hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever it may be! 

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