Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Favorite Airstream Things

We're getting settled in Blue Moon! It has been a crazy transition, and not quite as simple as we had hoped, but I suppose moving never is. After a few weeks though, we've finally found a little rhythm to our Airstream life, and all is well. Here's some of our favorite things...
I made raspberry pancakes for Morgan and Kira on the 4th of July (J had to work)! What's more American than pancakes in a good ole' made-in-Ohio Airstream?!

J added a back to our sofa for lounging.

It is pretty much the best thing ever. The breeze comes in through the double-height windows and it gets the perfect mixture of morning sun and afternoon shade. Maggers and I nap regularly there when we are feeling lazy in the afternoons. Ok, well, she naps on the floor.

Maybe our roll-out pantry is actually the best thing ever. It is such a space-saver! I don't know where all of our dry goods would go without it. I like to bake and it's important to have all the supplies stocked and on-hand to make cookies at all times, just in case. So the pantry is very important.

First thing I baked in our oven: cornbread, and it was delicious :)

We're glad we went for the expensive castors under our big rolling drawers. They roll soooo nicely with added weight in them. J put dividers in and they hold all of our clothes pretty well. We packed away some bulkier winter clothes and jackets and put them further back under the bed while summer's here.

The map-covered storage bin gets a lot of use too. Cookbooks, the laptop, ipod and speakers, and things we use on a daily basis tend to live up there. They're easy to grab and easy to get out of the way when you're done with them.

I got this coatrack from Umbra online and we mounted it to the side of the fridge as you come in the door. We realized pretty quickly it was going to be essential to have a place to hang up coats/keys/bags.

First drinks at the bar - mojitos! Thanks to Andrew for saving this barstool from someone's burn pile and giving us a call. It is already getting a lot of use in our tiny home!

Probably our favorite thing about living in the Airstream is how much time we spend outside. There's a peek-a-boo view across the water from our property and we spend a lot of time sitting up there on the mossy knoll.

And watching island sunsets...

Happy Summer!

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