Sunday, August 4, 2013

Before & After

Nothing like a cloudy day to make me appreciate my cozy space and the realization that we did it all! All that's missing is a tiny wood stove, which is definitely on our minds if we're going to stay in the Airstream this winter. In the meantime, taking a small trip down memory lane...
Here's the inside of Blue Moon when we got her in September 2012. The white paint on the walls was peeling, the carpet was mushy and the wood was rotten. There were wasps and mouse hotels everywhere! We were over-the-moon-excited about our little trailer project. We figured with enough "love" we could make her homey again. 

Turns out it took more than just love. We also put in a lot of hard work and some fightin' words! I particularly like this picture because we were really in deep then. You'll find a lot of gutted vintage Airstreams on Craigslist that people got to about this point and gave up. I can definitely empathize with them. While both J and I can honestly say that giving up never crossed our minds (and I'm so grateful for that), we definitely learned to just go ahead and put our foot in our mouth any time either one of us said "Oh, I don't think that part will be too hard."

And fast forward to today - here we are, in Blue Moon the Airstream :) While we've still got some things to finish up, like the rest of the cabinet faces, a real floor to go over our plywood, and some light fixtures, our little home looks pretty sweet if I do say so myself! My mom will be happy to know that Berry the bear is happily enjoying the trailer life with us (his future home was up in the air due to his size). He has taken the place of the composting toilet (only in the location sense!), which has been moved outside for the summer. Now when you go out there, it's like a luxurious bathroom-in-the woods experience. Seriously - i was just *sitting there* the other day and a fox and a deer just meandered by... more on that later.

Anyway - trip down memory lane is complete! 


  1. I think it looks fantastic! I too keep thinking the next part will be easier ( or at least more enjoyable)... Somehow it never quite pans out! Sometimes I wish I had someone to work with on these projects but my hubby just pays the bills (I'm not complaining lol).

    It's really nice to see one of these Airstreams get used rather than just worked on!

    1. Oh I know! Working on our silver trailers is never easy :) Keep at it and it will turn out awesome! Someday you'll look back too and be amazed at how far you've come. Thanks for reading the blog!