Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just Keep Scraping...

That's what we keep telling ourselves...just keep scraping. We have unanimously decided that stripping/scraping paint in the airstream really stinks, there is no doubt about it. We've moved onto the ceiling and I am remembering how much work it was for my mom to scrape the 1980s "popcorn" texture off of the ceiling in our entire house when I was young. We are still chugging away though, hoping to have it done by thanksgiving. I think we are going to kind of cheat and not scrape paint where we are just going to put up cabinets or things. After they shipped us the wrong thing, our plastic razor blade holders finally arrived, which have made the job a heck of a lot easier on our hands. (Our local ACE hardware sells the blades, but only a teensy crappy holder that gives you a hand cramp!)

In the meantime, lots of ideas float around in our heads about the layout and design, flooring options, wood stoves, etc. I have even been contemplating installing a living wall in there - my own personal mobile garden! It's all a bit daunting and overwhelming at times, especially when progress is slow.

The true Land Yacht? Jacob found this on our recent visit to Fort Collins :)

Lovely November day on the island yesterday, we watched the 'Round the County Sailboat Race from our house and from South Beach in between scraping coats of paint off Blue Moon.

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