Monday, January 7, 2013

Frame Work

Since I am inundating you with pictures in this post, I'll try to keep the words short! While I have been avidly following this blog and secretly wishing we could work on our frame like they have, we've been busy doing it our (the cheap) way:
Jacob throwing sparks from the grinder while getting the scaly rust off the frame.

Taking a break to enjoy a weekend sunset!

Our frame had serious rust damage in the rear of the trailer, requiring reinforcement. A trip to our local salvage yard and we bought $6 worth of angle iron in the form of a used metal bed frame. Jacob had it hacked up and began bolting it into the frame in one afternoon.
The entire top of the beam was rusted through - that is the new bed frame piece bolted in place.

Frame reinforcement.

This is how Maggie would prefer we spend our Sundays. 

Respirator masks make very good monkey faces.

While Jacob is down there working on reinforcing the frame, I have been cleaning and getting down to those final layers of grit that remained in the belly pan, so we can paint the frame with Rust-Oleum. It's pretty awesome to see how far we've come and all of the nasty crap that was in that floor - and it's gone! Walking around in Blue Moon is a bit tricky right now - so far no wipeouts. We have been moving chunks of plywood around the frame to create walking paths and sitting platforms while we are working. 

So nice not to see muck everywhere!

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