Sunday, January 27, 2013

Painting the Frame

It's been awhile since I updated our blog, but while I have not been posting, we have actually been working! A few weeks ago J finished grinding all of the rust off the frame. I took these fun pictures (below) of him working right at sunset when the grinder was throwing sparks! After all that rust came off, we borrowed our neighor's shop-vac and I spent about an hour and a half shop-vac-ing the shit out of our airstream, figuratively and literally.

Next up was frame painting time! Our Rust-Oleum arrived from the Home Depot, so we went to work painting. In theory, the tough, enamel-like paint will help prevent any further rust damage, and plus it's pretty!

Instead of the huge task of removing (and subsequently having to re-attach) the belly pan, we chose to just do our best to paint the underside of the frame with the belly pan still attached. A mirror from Uncle Bill came in very handy to see that yes, in fact we were missing a lot of spots with the paint brush.

We painted our way toward the door of the trailer, working side by side. We kept a space heater on in the trailer overnight to help keep the temperature up and the humidity as low as possible to try and get the paint to cure! It took a few days, but today we were able to rough up the first coat with sandpaper and go ahead and apply the second coat.

I painted my way out the door (my back is killing me) and the frame is drying as I type this! If you come into our driveway, you might consider wearing a respirator...that is some stinky paint! We have been having some amazing sunsets these past few weeks; I leave you with this lovely photo, which kind of sums up my life right now :)

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