Friday, January 4, 2013

Frosty the Airstream

Back home after a wonderful week-long Christmas trip to visit my mom and Pete in Toronto! The airstream greeted us with a long to-do list and we're back at it again. The last two nights have been clear and cold, and Blue Moon has woken up to a thick layer of frost! Brrrrr....

Jan and Lyle gave us an adorable airstream ornament for Christmas

We've done quite a bit of work on the floor since I last posted pictures. The remainder of the floor is out, and another 250 lbs went to the dump. Last night, Jacob and Michael cut the bolts off the frame that were holding the floor in - the bolts were bent over when the trailer was originally manufactured so they would never ever come out. Thank you Airstream for that. Next the boys started grinding rust off the frame so that we can paint it with a rust-prevention paint and hopefully get another 50 years out of the chassis. Our goal is to have our new sub-floor in and the walls riveted back on by the end of this month! Whew, think we can do it? Stay tuned for Heidi the Riveter episodes!

The airstream is way less disgusting now :) That big flat long chunk of metal that is laced through the frame on the right side of the floor is the original heating duct, it appears to be rather difficult to extract...

Must get to work!

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