Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Mother's Sewing Notions

My mom visited us last week and she came with a vision to help us sew the couch cushion covers for the L-shaped sofa-to-be in Blue Moon. J had rescued some gloriously cushy goose/duck down-filled couch cushions just before they went in the dump at some point last fall. We knew they would be great for our future couch, but they badly needed to be recovered. So they have just been sitting in our house waiting mom! I ordered some crazy fabric after about a bazillion hours of measuring and re-measuring how much we would need (mom and I did that part entirely over skype! Oh, technology!). 

I borrowed our friend Karla's super awesome heavy-duty sewing machine. I emphasize the word "heavy" because I think it weighs 80lbs. But it sews like nobody's business!

And mom started sewing...

This was by far her proudest moment: making the zig zags line up on the zipper end of the cushion cover! I was perfectly content with un-aligned zig zags, but my mom would have none of that. She was a master seamstress in her hey-day (it all came right back!) and used to sew all of her own clothes. She said when she was growing up, her own mom made the mistake of saying "if you want to sew it, I'll buy the fabric."

I helped...a little. My talents revolve around cutting fabric, making hot beverages, and providing opportune breaks to walk the dogs at the beach.

The first cushion!! Notice the perfectly aligned zig-zag zipper :)

Then the cushions started piling up!

My mom solves the age-old conundrum of making square things fit into the rounded corners of an Airstream by making a custom-curved cushion.

Ooo, let's try it out :)

Ta da! The future couch (minus the actual couch part). The couch will be built in and have storage underneath, so don't worry, you won't have to sit on the floor when it is all said and done.

Ooo, let's try it out...

Photo shoot on the couch anyone? 

Ok, seriously, we couldn't help ourselves. It was very exciting :)

Thank you mom for your hours and hours of amazing sewing. Every time we snuggle into our couch we'll get to think of you!


  1. This is the sweetest. I was just given the opportunity to fix up a 1969 Airstream. Am really enjoying your blog.