Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Into the Future!

A little update from the road - don't worry, we are still alive :-) we wrapped up an epic 30-day road trip some time ago in our trusty van. We saw so many beautiful west coast scenes like this one from a stretch of Hwy 101 in Oregon - so magical. We also made it to the desert and the Grand Canyon before landing in Colorado!
Life in the van was simple- not too unlike our life back home in the Airstream. We lost track of days pretty quickly, and there was even an entire night where we didn't know exactly which state we were sleeping in. Ahh, the luxuries that only life on the road can bring :-). But eventually we started craving a real bed and indoor heat, especially as we crept toward our childhood hometown and our families. 

We spent the holidays with our loved ones, and Agnes enjoyed stretching out in a real house after life in the van. And now...we are headed into the future!! Seriously, they are already a day ahead of us in New Zealand, so we are taking that time-warping flight to see what's going on in the 'morrow land, kiwi-style. We'll give you a full report from the future. Until then, Happy new year!

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